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We offer a wide variety of trucking services for your projects big or small. Our pricing options and our knowledgeable and friendly staff guarantee you’ll save TONS while we haul your worries away.

From flat beds to transfer trucks our AZ Trucking fleet has the truck for every job, helping you with whatever you need.

Our competitive pricing offers you the best deal in Tucson for trucking services, dump services and everything in between.

We offer a wide variety of landscaping materials from decorative rock, flagstone, sands to organic materials.

Trucking Services

Need to move materials? Our trucking fleet will take care of it.

Here at Arizona Trucking & Materials we offer a wide variety of trucking options including Transfer Trucks, End Dump Trucks, Flat Beds, and 10 Wheel Dump Trucks. Depending on the size of the load you are trying to haul and where you are hauling to or from, one of our trucks is sure to be able to help you get the job done.

Meet The Trucks

Transfer Truck

Need to bring a large payload into tight quarters? Transfer Dump Trucks maximize payload capacity without sacrificing maneuverability. A standard dump truck pulling a separate trailer, Transfer Trucks can be loaded with a wide variety of materials, including aggregate (gravel, sand, asphalt, klinkers, snow, wood chips, triple mix, etc.). Their configuration can allow you the enhanced maneuverability of a 3-Axle Dump Truck.

End Dump Truck

With rapid unloading capabilities, these trucks can haul up to 25 tons with a fast dump cycle.

Flat Bed

With quick and easy loading/unloading, Flatbeds typically are able to haul up to 25 tons, Flatbeds are commonly used to transport heavy loads that are not delicate or vulnerable to precipitation, such as construction equipment, and also for abnormal loads that require more space than is available on a closed body.

10 Wheel Dump Trucks

Versatile, these are usually used for specialized hauling and dumping, including demolition debris. They have a capacity of 10-12 cubic yards or approximately 14 tons, and are a perfect choice for smaller jobs in tight quarters or requiring high maneuverability.

All of these trucks are available for rent for reasonable hourly rates. See pricing below.

Truck Rental Pricing

Hourly Rates for Dump Trucks

Weight Restrictions apply

Transfer Truck

Landscape Deliveries Only

25 Ton Capacity

Able to carry 2 products in one delivery. Up to 15 tons of one item and 10 tons of the other.

End Dump Truck

25 Ton Capacity

Heavy duty rock tubs to haul broken asphalt, concrete and boulders.

Flat-Bed Truck

Flat-Bed With Forklift

25 Ton Capacity

Transport heavy payloads that are not delicate to elements.

Belly Dump

25 Ton Capacity

Quick delivery of large quantities of materials, dumped in wind rows for easy grading.

Super 18's

25 Ton Capacity

One piece units can maneuver into areas where end dumps cannot fit.