Decorative Pavers


Here, at Arizona Trucking and Materials, we are stocking pavers in 6”x6” and 6”x9” Cobble style and 4”x8” Holland pavers with colors including Canyon (Brown, Grey, and Purple Blend), Pueblo (Brown and Grey Blend), and Red and Black (red and black blend). Our stock is ever-changing, so please call 299-1007 for other colors and styles that may be available.

If you’re ready to build that new driveway, sidewalk extension, pathway, and/or patio, please remember that Arizona Trucking and Materials always has you covered for all your decorative paver needs.

Arizona Trucking & Materials also carries all the aggregate materials including AB, 1⁄4” Minus DG, fill dirt, and mortar sand needed to complete your paver project. Our team is readily available to answer any questions and help with any design or layout calculations. Stop in today to turn your boring backyard into the yard of your dreams!

AZ Trucking & Materials Paver Pricing
Cobble Pavers 6x9 (Canyon Blend, Red/Black, Pueblo Blend) $2.70/sqft ($1.01/each)
Cobble Pavers 6x6 (Canyon Blend, Red/Black, Pueblo Blend) $2.85/sqft ($.71/each)
Holland Paver (Red/Black, Two-Tone Brown) $2.82/sqft ($.61/each)
Square Smooth Face 16x16 (Red, Tierra Brown) $1.85/sqft ($3.25/each)
Square Brick Face 16x16 (Red, Tierra Brown) $2.25/sqft ($3.95/each)
Smooth Round Stepping Stone 12" (Tan & Red) $2.60/each
Acker Stone Paseo 4PC (Antique Pewter, Desert Blend, Gila River Blend) $425/pallet (sold full pallets only)
Acker Stone Paseo 6"X9" (Antique Pewter, Desert Blend, Gila River Blend) $3.89/sqft ($425/pallet) (minimum purchase is 1 layer)
Acker Stone Cobble  3 PC Pillow Top  (San Tan & Antique Pewter) $3.69/sqft ($465/pallet) (sold full pallets only)
Phoenix Paver 6"x9" (Tierra Norte, Native, Slate, Territorial) $3.25/SQFT ($1.02 each)
Phoenix Paver 6"x6" (Tierra Norte, Native, Slate, Territorial) $3.30/SQFT ($0.69 each)
Phoenix Paver Hollands 4"x8" (Tierra Norte, Native, Slate, Territorial) $3.30/SQFT ($0.75 each)
Phoenix Paver Black 6"x9" $3.30/SQFT ($1.03 each)
Phoenix Paver Black Hollands 4"x8"- $3.60/SQFT ($360/pallet) (SOLD BY FULL PALLET ONLY)
TownScape 3PC $3.30/SQFT ($0.83 each) ($360/pallet) (SOLD BY FULL PALLET ONLY)

*Please call us for contractor and bulk pricing*