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Arizona Trucking and Materials is Tucson’s local source for sand, gravel, decorative rock, flagstone and other landscaping materials. As a primary supplier for Tucson landscaping companies, we are constantly helping to cultivate our customers' ideas with the experience and the exact products it takes to materialize your landscaping dreams.

Choose Arizona Trucking and Materials for Your Next Project

Our landscape materials company is dedicated to helping the residents of Tucson, AZ achieve their dream yard. We can answer your questions about which type is best for your project, and even deliver it for you! Depending on your needs, we offer transfer trucks, end dump trucks, flatbeds, and 10-wheel dump trucks. We will work with you to help you figure out which is best for your project.

If you want to learn more about the different types of materials we offer, take a look at our different materials and pricing. Give us a call with any questions you may have about our landscaping materials in Tucson. We look forward to helping you achieve the yard of your dreams!

We Deliver!

We can deliver materials right to your door. We also have trucks available for any other projects you might have. Learn more about our truck rental pricing.

*Weight Restrictions Apply*

Select (Buff, BuckSkin, Chocolate, Oak, Peach, Rosa, MC Rosa, Sedona Red or Strip & Swirl) 1 1/2″ -3″ thick , used when setting in sand. Used for BBQ tops, seats, and steps. $0.18 /lb
Chocolate (select only) $0.35 /lb
Select Thin (Buff, BuckSkin, Chocolate, Oak, Peach, Rosa, MC Rosa, Sedona Red, or Strip & Swirl) 1 1/2″ Minus, used when setting in mortar cement, also used as veneer. $0.23 /lb
Patio (Buff, BuckSkin, Chocolate, Oak, Peach, Rosa, MC Rosa, Sedona Red, or Strip & Swirl) 1 1/2″ -3″ thick, used when setting in sand, primarily for stepping stones/walkways. $0.16 /lb

Spit-face block consisting of 16 blocks and 16 toppers SOLD OUT

Fabric Pin Bundle $5.00/bdl.
3′ X 100′ $53.00/ea.
4′ X 100′ $65.00/ea.
3′ X 300′ $105.00/ea.
4′ X 300′ $119.00/ea.
6′ X 300′ $159.00/ea.
8' X 300′ $219.00/ea.
Salt River Rock 1/2″- 3/4″
(Special Order)
$52.00 /ton
Salt River Rock 3/4″- 1 1/2″ $58.00 /ton
Salt River Rock 1″-3″ $58.00 /ton
Salt River Rock 3″-8″ $52.00 /ton
Salt River Rock 6″–12″ $52.00 /ton
Desert Rose $0.11 /lb
Coronado Brown $0.11 /lb
Catalina $0.11 /lb
Yavapai Coral $0.14 /lb
Surface Select Boulders $0.19 /lb
Kino Blue $0.14 /lb
8X8X16 $2.00 /each ($180/Pallet)
8X8X8 Halfs $1.75 /each ($260/Pallet)
8X1.5X16 Cap's $1.30 /each ($390/Pallet)
8X8X16" $2.33 /each ($210/Pallet)
8X8X8 Half's $1.96 /each ($295/Pallet)
8X2X16 Cap's $1.40 /each ($419/Pallet)
Driveway Rock $35.00 /ton
1/2" Fractured Grey $35.00 /ton
3/4" Fractured Grey $35.00 /ton
Pea Gravel $35.00 /ton
Leach Rock (Special Order) $35.00 /ton
Screen Fill/ Top Soil $24.00 /ton
Spec (A/B) $26.00 /ton
Pit Run (fill) $17.00 /ton
Ideal Mix $35.00 /ton
USGA Sand / Play Sand (Special Order) $71.00 /ton
Mortar Sand $46.00 /ton
Concrete Sand $36.00 /ton
Bedding Sand $27.00 /ton
Grout Mix $35.00 /ton
Millings (Special Order) $15.00 /ton
Portland Cement $26.50 /bag
PolySweep Grey $38.00 /bag
PolySweep Tan $36.00 /bag
Coronado 1″ – 3″ $39.00 /ton
Coronado 4″ – 8″ $46.00 /ton
Coronado 6″ – 12″ $46.00 /ton
Grey 1” – 3” (Special Order) $34.00 /ton
Grey 4” – 8” $43.00 /ton
Desert Rose  4” – 8” $48.00 /ton
Yavapai Coral 1"-3" (Special Order) $67.00 /ton
Yavapai Coral 4"-8" $67.00 /ton
Coronado Brown 8"-24" (Special Order) $49.00 /ton
Desert Brown 4” – 8” (Special Order) $49.00 /ton
Apache Gold 1” – 3” $55.00 /ton
RoseWood Brown 4” – 8” $59.00 /ton
Planting Mix $41.00 /yard
Fine Mulch $45.00 /yard
Organic Compost $58.00 /yard
Playground Wood Chips $49.00 /yard
Sod Base $48.00 /yard

Not sure how much you need?

Take a look at our table to calculate how much material you need based on our size, depth, quantity and coverage information.

Type Size Depth Qty Coverage (Sq Ft.)
Rock 1/4″ minus 2″ 1 Ton 115
Rock 1/2″ 2″ 1 Ton 150
Rock 3/4 – 1″ 2″ 1 Ton 120
River Rock 1-3″ 1 Layer 1 Ton 90
River Rock 3-6″ 1 Layer 1 Ton 60
Rip Rap 1-3″ 1 Layer 1 Ton 90
Rip Rap 3-8″ 1 Layer 1 Ton 60
Rip Rap 6-12″ 1 Layer 1 Ton 30
Pea Gravel 3/8″ 2″ 1 Ton 175

What Are the Benefits of Landscaping Materials?

When you choose to work with different landscaping materials for your next project, it comes with many benefits. The first of the many benefits is that it has a low maintenance cost. Decorative rock, for example, can give your home instant curb appeal with that well-manicured lawn and landscape look. Natural stone not only stands the test of time, it does not need the annual maintenance of seasonal replanting. With Arizona Trucking and Materials you don't need a green thumb to have the best-looking yard in your neighborhood. As you know, our Tucson monsoons deliver some pretty heavy annual rainfall and is one of the leading causes of weak and muddy foundations. Plus, unlike sod, gravel and stone create a natural drainage system. If your lawn has any sort of incline or is at the bottom of a hill, this is the ideal way to protect your property and lawn from water damage, making your property look pristine and beautiful...just the way you want it to be! Different landscaping materials can handle the stress and won’t look ragged at the end of the day. We provide landscaping companies all over Southern Arizona with the materials they need to create incredible projects; we will always deliver the same for you. Call us today!

Check out our incredible selection of granite at Arizona Trucking and Materials. Not responsible for size, color, or fine variations. Call for delivery charges.