Landscaping Materials & Pricing

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Arizona Trucking and Materials has a wide variety of sand, gravel, decorative rock, flagstone and other landscaping materials. Granite is a naturally mined material, shades and sizing may vary from load to load. Screened material may have up to 20% fines. Minus material may have up to 80% fines. Arizona Trucking and Materials cannot be held responsible for size, color, or fines variations. Call for delivery charges.

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*Weight Restrictions Apply*

Select (Buck Skin, Rosa, Peach, Buff) 1 1/2″ -3″ thick , used when setting in sand. Used for BBQ tops, seats, and steps.$0.16 /lb
Select Thin 1 1/2″ Minus, used when setting in mortar cement, also used as veneer.$0.21 /lb
Patio (Buck Skin, Rosa, Peach, Buff) 1 1/2″ -3″ thick, used when setting in sand, primarily for stepping stones/ walk ways.$0.14 /lb
Flagstone Bench 12″ X 36″$200
Spit-face block consisting of 16 blocks and 16 toppers$130.00 ea

3′ X 100′$42.00
per roll
4′ X 100′$48.00
per roll
3′ X 300′$91.00
per roll
4′ X 300′$105.00
per roll
6′ X 300′$135.00
per roll
Salt River Rock 1/2″- 3/4″
(Special Order)
$40.00 /ton
Salt River Rock 3/4″- 1 1/2″$37.00 /ton
Salt River Rock 1″-3″$37.00 /ton
Salt River Rock 3″-6″$37.00 /ton
Salt River Rock 6″–12″$39.00 /ton
Desert Rose$0.10 /lb
Coronado Brown$0.10 /lb
Catalina$0.10 /lb
White Marble$0.12 /lb
#57 Driveway Rock$27.00 /ton
1/2" Fractured Grey$31.00 /ton
Pea Gravel$26.00 /ton
Leach Rock$24.00 /ton
Screen Fill$21.00 /ton
Spec (A/B)$23.00 /ton
Fill Dirt (Pit Run)$15.00 /ton
Top Soil$21.00 /ton
Ideal Mix$29.00 /ton
USGA Sand / Play Sand (Delivery Only)$45.00 /ton
Mortar Sand$31.00 /ton
Concrete Sand$27.00 /ton
Bedding Sand$25.00 /ton
Grout Mix$27.00 /ton
Millings$18 /ton
Coronado 1″ – 4″$32.00 /ton
Coronado 4″ – 8″$36.00 /ton
Coronado 6″ – 12″$36.00 /ton
Grey 1” – 3”$30.00 /ton
Grey 4” – 8”$33.00 /ton
Desert Rose  4” – 8”$36.00 /ton
Plant Mix$32 /yard
Fine Mulch$31.50 /yard
Organic Compost$42 /yard
Top Dressing$35 /yard
Sod Base$32 /yard
Playground Wood Chips$39 /yard
Misc. BlendsCall for pricing

Not sure how much you need?

Take a look at our table to calculate how much material you need based on our size, depth, quantity and coverage information.

TypeSizeDepthQtyCoverage (Sq Ft.)
Rock1/4″ minus2″1 Ton115
Rock1/2″2″1 Ton150
Rock3/4 – 1″2″1 Ton120
River Rock1-3″1 Layer1 Ton90
River Rock3-6″1 Layer1 Ton60
Rip Rap1-3″1 Layer1 Ton90
Rip Rap3-8″1 Layer1 Ton60
Rip Rap6-12″1 Layer1 Ton30
Pea Gravel3/8″2″1 Ton175